About us

Tourneur makes and sells thoughtful products that embody utility, craftsmanship, and style.

The Story

Tourneur is a name that’s been in the family for more than four generations. Raphaël’s grandfather was a journalist who used Tourneur as his pen name. He inherited the name from his uncle, Maurice Tourneur, and Maurice’s son, Jacques Tourneur. Both were early moviemakers from France. They coined the stage name Tourneur from “Moteur, ça tourne, action,” which means to “roll the camera.”

We’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to make quality products that last for generations – things that maintain a sense of modern style and utility through the years. We’ve sought out items from around the world, and slowly experimented with making our own. After a lot of support and encouragement from our friends, we’ve decided to share our favorite things, both made and found, with you.


We feel lucky to have so much support from our friends. It makes creating and sharing little projects like this so gratifying. We couldn't have done it without help.

Adam Weiss and his studio Landscape® — an independent, multidisciplinary, design studio based in San Francisco, created the Tourneur identity (and advised on so many other details from the very beginning).

If you like the photographs on the product page, Ross Evertson probably took them. The others were taken by Raphaël Grignani.