Our Suppliers

Insight into the making of Tourneur Goods and the thought process behind building a business from scratch.

Nearly a year ago, we embarked naively and optimistically into building Tourneur Goods with the goal to make and sell thoughtful products that embody utility, craftsmanship, and style. 

I just want to share our suppliers to help make your lives easier if you’re ever looking to start a similar endeavor.

Name  Service  Purpose  Cost 
Domain Registration Namecheap Namecheap handles domain registration for Tourneur.  $10/year 
Ecommerce Platform Shopify The store, checkout flow, and this blog is powered by Shopify, which is very easy to set up and maintain, but rather expensive. $79/month
Multi-Carrier Shipping  Shippo  We purchase all our shipping labels through Shippo and track deliveries with their dashboard. It's cheap and easy to use. Per-label 
Email Marketing  Mailchimp  The newsletter and automated cart recovery emails are sent using Mailchimp. Free 
Advertising  Google  We advertise on Google Shopping Campaigns to reach shoppers who are looking for our products. $250/month 
Advertising  Facebook / Instagram  We use Facebook powerful targeting to reach potential customers on Facebook and Instagram. $250/month 
Packaging Mailer  Uline  We shipped initially in 12 x 11 x 3" Kraft Tab Locking Literature Mailers but decided to switch to soft pack to reduce our shipping costs. $78/50 boxes 
Packaging Mailer  Amazon  We use a white jumbo tyvek. It looks great, is extremely durable and lowered our shipping by $3. $2.25/envelop
Tissue Paper Nashville Wraps  We use white premium tissue paper to wrap the jackets and hold a thank you card. $141.08/960 sheets
Stickers  StickerYou   To fasten the tissue paper, we used round stickers. While the quality was great, we didn't love the lamination. $90/250 stickers 
Letterpress Printing  Jessica Hische  The first 200 thank you cards were printed at Jessica Hische's home studio. This wasn't scalable. - 
Letterpress Printing Logos Graphics  All of our printing is expertly handled by Logos Graphics in San Francisco. $400/200 each
Payment Transfer TransferWise  We pay international suppliers using TransferWise, which is much cheaper and easier than using a bank. -
Accounting Wave  We use Wave for simple accounting. Free
Accounting Expensify  We use Expensify to keep track of all our credit card expenses related to Tourneur. Free
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